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Meet Your New Best Friends, Our (and your) Team of Experts.

Qwantify Partners are provided with an experienced, dedicated Partner Success Team to ensure and accelerate success:

Keith Lynch
Keith LynchFounder & CEO
Keith eats, sleeps, breathes and lives all things digital business development.
As a self-professed geek, Keith started his entrepreneurial journey younger than most and has launched several successful businesses in his career – what he commonly refers to as his “overnight 20 year success story”.
An obsessive Entrepreneur, Digital Marketing Geek, Starbucks-fueled Creative, Growth Hacker and proud Papa…. he LOVES helping fellow entrepreneurs launch their online businesses!
Wendy Burns
Wendy BurnsPartner Project Manager
With over 10 years of digital development, optimization and management experience, Wendy plays a vital role in the Qwantify team.

Wendy is our Lead Partner Project Manager, ensuring that each and every Partner project is a success and exceeds our Partners’ expectations!

Qwantify and its Partners are very fortunate to have Wendy and her expertise as part of the Qwantify team.

Waqar Ali
Waqar AliPartner Business Development
Waqar is a leader and expert when it comes to assessing and identifying opportunities to determine a market fit. His approach to evaluating the best opportunities for new Qwantify Partners is second to none.

As part of our Partner Business Development Team, Waqar ensures that new Partners are clear and focused on mutual objectives and the overall benefits of joining the Qwantify Partner Program.

Kory Pearman
Kory PearmanLead Website Developer
Kory is our “Lead Geek”, with years of top-notch web development experience and specializing in website optimization.

With a focus on conversion optimization and monetization, Kory understands the Qwantify objective for our e-commerce websites and our valued Partner’s goals.

Juliette Burns
Juliette BurnsPartner Success Team Leader
With over 15 years experience in digital marketing and business development, Juliette is an integral part of the Qwantify team.

Juliette leads our Partner Success Team to ensure that all Partner projects remain on time and on task, in concert with our development team and overall production schedule.

Rarj Dulai
Rarj DulaiPartner Business Development
A business development professional with considerable experience in success management. With over 15 yrs experience working across the retail and technology sectors, Rarj’s drive to grow sales and scale is supported through extensive product and market knowledge.

Rarj enjoys generating profitable new opportunities for Partners, helping them succeed every step of the way.

Shad Wong
Shad WongPartner Monetization
As our Resident advertising expert, Shad leads our Partner Marketing & Monetization Team with great ease, strategy and skills.

Shad has grown small start up e-commerce stores from $0 to over $700K in less than 1 year. With a 7-figure monthly ad spend under his belt, he knows exactly how to grow & scale new e-commerce businesses from zero to hero in no time!

Shad joins our team with the exact experience and skillset that every e-commerce website needs to scale to a sustainable 6 figures fast.

Midas Lynch
Midas LynchChief Barketing Officer
Ok so it’s more of an honorary title but Midas is qualified to ask for treats, give an occasional lick and tons of love to everyone in the office.
Anna Zheng
Anna ZhengPartner Business Development
Anna has worked with some of the best industry leaders and Entrepreneurs in numerous verticals.
As part of our Partner Business Development Team, Anna’s goals are to improve Qwantify Partners’ lives, businesses and launch their new businesses!

Originally from Australia, Anna now resides in Auckland New Zealand and continues to service Qwantify Partners all over the world.

Jeremy Grey
Jeremy GreyPartner Business Development
Jeremy is passionate about assisting new Qwantify partners to find the nonpareil personal and professional opportunity for business development and marketing. His dedication and personal approach to individual situations is clearly defined as he guides partners in finding their perfect market niche.

With over 20 years experience in digital marketing, television advertising and technical roles in logistics and support, Jeremy brings an innovative approach to the team.

And even more…. we have over a dozen more specialists and experts worldwide helping our Partners achieve success. Think you’ve got what it takes to join our growing team?

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